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6 Common Types of Makeup Brushes and Their Uses.

A high-quality makeup brush is vital for the people seeking to apply make-up to a high standard. There are numerous types of makeup brushes that differ with regards to shape, weight and also size. For some people, the preferred choice is to have a small collection of high-quality brushes that offer multi-purpose function. Let us check out a few of the most common options.

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6 Common Types of Makeup Brushes and Their Uses.

1. Foundation – the face brush is obtainable in many different types to match the desired finish. For example, the buffing brush is the appropriate choice to create the airbrushed finish, and the flat brush is more efficient at giving full coverage. Furthermore, the flat brush with its angled design helps in precision work when seeking to add concealer to specific facial regions.


2. Powder – a fluffy or perhaps soft brush is an effective tool to help foundation or concealer last all through the day. This kind of brush is ideal for applying a mild application of powder that will not look fake or cakey. A broad brush is a preferred choice to reduce shine over the T-zone, and a small brush is more suitable for small or even sensitive areas, like under the eyes.


3. Blusher – the most efficient brushes to apply blush are usually medium in size with light-weight, thick bristles and a fairly rounded tip. The perfect brushes are excellent at picking up the right volume of blush which can conveniently be distributed over the cheeks.


4. Cream blusher – a rounded, firm brush is an effective tool to apply cream blusher. It is better applied making use of a sweeping motion. Furthermore, an angled or perhaps flat brushed can be utilised as a next step to help the cream blend with the skin. With the correct technique, it is a most effective way to create the natural looking rosy cheeks.


5. Bronzer – among the most efficient alternatives to apply bronzer is by using a large-headed brush. It will help to produce a very smooth application for the all-over shine, a contoured definition, or even to improve a natural tan.

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6. Eyeshadow – a straightforward way to apply eyeshadow colour is to make use of one of the all-over eye brushes. It is a very versatile solution and also makes it very easy to create the ideal look. A tapered brush is useful to help blend and also blur the different shades used. Additionally, a mini smudger brush is an effective option to improve the eye’s natural contour and then create a sleek, smokey effect for the upper and lower lash lines.

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  1. I only used two makeup brushes so I can use this educational lesson. Thanks for the explanations.

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  4. Helpful post for me because I was I always confused about which brush I have to use for what…. Hahaha thanks for sharing.

  5. Great exclamation. I use a sponge for foundation but I’m looking to investing in another fluffy brush for the concealer.

  6. Thanks..I ll keep these tips in mind the next time I apply any make-up!

  7. I have 5 of the 6 brushes you have listed. I enjoy putting on my makeup each day and look forward to having that “me” time to make myself feel good!

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