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7 Simple Steps to Happiness and Success

Happiness and success- Sometimes, in our business of helping individuals to be more productive, we get very busy and then end up multi-tasking a lot that we can easily start to feel that we are trapped in a rut on the roadmap of our lives. A lot of us desire greater success and happiness, however, in spite of all the hard work, we have not yet reached for that Gold ring.

happiness and success

There’s a quote written by Albert Schweitzer, ‘Success is not the key to happiness, Happiness is the key to success. If you take pleasure in what you are doing, you will be successful .”

Listed here are 7 steps you can take today to achieve more happiness and success in life

1. BELIEVE IN YOURSELF. Discover your natural abilities and talents. Undertake what you take pleasure in and what you do best. Indeed prosperous and happy people find joy in doing what they love. Put in your time in what you do best. ( Helpful advice for your clients as well ! )

2. DEVELOP A VISION. To start with define your path. Note down a vision for yourself as well as the rest of your working life. What exactly is it that you want to achieve? Exactly how do you want your life to be like in 5 years? In 10 years? At what stage would you want to retire? Once you have the vision, create a plan of action to move you toward your goals. Plan the work after which, work the plan. You have to be as specific as possible. Many years ago and in a different millennium when I was a young college student, I knew another young college student who told me with 100% confidence that he would be a senior lecturer.

I laughed and then he said, “Let me explain my plan of action.” He then placed on his desk a 12″ long graph upon which he had plotted, by the calendar year, the crucial things he will probably need to be eligible for early promotions. At the end of the graph was the senior lecturer. He was determined. As I plodded along in my career, I usually heard of him and his achievements. He had become a lecturer and also made it to his aim of senior lecturer six years ahead of his plan. Guess there should be something to planning your career.

happiness and success

3. CULTIVATE GOOD HABITS. Happy and prosperous people build good working habits and behaviour that support a good way of life which, consequently, facilitates your professional success. If you happen to be watching too much TV, are chronically late in finishing clients’ work, or perhaps have a poor diet plan (as I do,) pledge to modify bad habits of yours into practices that are consistent with and also supportive of your goals.


4. SHOW GRATITUDE. The happiest persons are also the most grateful folks. List out all the things for which you are thankful for and then read and update it one or more times weekly. Who will be on your list? Count your blessings regularly, and you will quickly start to see a change in yourself as well as the world around you.


5. GRAB A CHANCE. Make and also seize opportunities. Success and happiness never come to people who sit on the chair and then expect them to be delivered on a silver platter.


6. GIVE TO OTHER PEOPLE. The happiest persons are also the most generous. Oprah Winfrey has seized this idea and also often speaks of the big “Secret .” She has even sacrificed many hours of her everyday program to the big “secret .” It is actually no secret whatsoever. The fact is, we have known for years that “what goes around comes around .” Do, speak, or even give something beautiful to another person and then observe how your own life improves.


7. TAKE RESPONSIBILITY. You hold the answer to your professional success and future. Take accountability for your actions. Pick the work you love to do, and then do it correctly. I usually hear excuses from our customers concerning why they lost their last position. They are incredibly creative in shifting the responsibility for their failures to other people. Yet, eventually, we are the masters of our destinies. You decide on your future by the choices you make as well as the actions you take.


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