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10 benefits of running with a jogging stroller every mom need to know

Most mothers believe that their lives just end after they give birth but that is so not true. For some mothers out there, their lives actually began after they give birth. Being a mom is totally challenging and no one can compete with you when you say that you are tired or have no time for yourself.

There are certain changes that you have to bring in your life in order to compensate your baby’s life but that doesn’t include running or having some time for your social life because it just gets better after the baby. At TheBabySide we don’t look take care of your child’s needs but we also look after you which is why today we are going to talk about certain benefits that you get to enjoy by jogging with a baby stroller.

Benefits of running with a Jogging Stroller

Before we move on to the benefits of running with a jogging stroller let me first share with you my experience and thoughts. When I was on my pre-baby runs I used to wonder how these women can push that thing around with them at all time. The whole point of running for me was to get some me time and enjoy the Mother Nature. The ease and the convenience that I felt during running made me mentally applaud at the parents who were running with their baby strollers.

Never knew that day was coming for me too. I have been a jogger all my life so quitting on it after birth was just something I could live with which is why I started talking my few months old baby out into the park in the baby stroller that I got from a baby shop in town. It was then when I realized that this wasn’t so bad. I used to judge those moms before but I was missing out on so much that I didn’t know about.

During my running session with the stroller I figured out some the benefits that the stroller provided. So today I’m going to share those benefits with you so that you can also enjoy the benefits that you though never existed. So without further due let us move on to the benefits.

1.      Extra storage capacity

I am usually a light runner. I used to run with just an iPod on my arm but now I have noticed that I can carry all my personals with me at all times. With the immense storage capacity that the stroller provides, I can keep my phone, my keys and even the water bottle with me along with some food or other things. Running solo didn’t provide me with this luxury. I used to worry all the time about my stuff but with the stroller everything is just at arm’s length.

2.      Toned arms

With the baby and my job, you probably don’t have much time to hit the gym but that is no longer an issue. Take your young one out with the stroller and run with it for a while and you will notice that you have just got toned arms within a month. Pushing the stroller takes an immense amount of energy which helps you build your muscles as well.

3.      Stretching

The stroller bar is just perfect for stretching. You can pull the breaks and use the handle bar to perform your stretches out in the open with some fresh air for both you and your baby. So there is no more need to hold on to the dirty side bars or the street signs anymore.

4.      Grip over your form

Jogging with the stroller allows you strength and straightens your form. Jogging with the stroller might feel awkward at first but as you start to get the hand of it, it will increase your speed plus help you with your form as well.

5.      Additional workout

No one has the time to work out with a few months baby in the home. It is impossible to make time which is why you can utilize the time that you spend outside more effectively. Instead of just standing in the park, jog around a bit and burn those extra baby calories.

6.      Ego boost

Some moms feel very proud while running with the stroller. Imaging you are jogging and some guy run past you but the moment they stop to do some stretches you will be run past them leaving them feel astonished. This is a great way to boost you ego as well.

7.      Better visibility

While running on a busy town, it is very difficult for people to notice you. But from the moment that I have started running with the stroller, every one notices me and asks me how I am doing and how the baby is doing. Plus the taxi drives get a greater visibility of the stroller as compared to me running on the street.

8.      Bonding

Running with your stroller also allows you to spend some quality time with your baby or baba. As a mother myself I understand that you don’t want to leave your little one at home. The activity of running with the stroller allows you to bond with your baby as well.

9.      Control

Whether you believe it or not, running with the stroller gives you better control. You know when to stop and how to stop and how you have to take control of the stroller will going downhill. Keeping all this in mind you need to understand that you controlling skills are just getting better.

10. Love for nature

You want your young one to love nature from the early age which is why it is always best to expose him to the outside world at an early age. The more you take your baby out in the wilderness, the happier and healthy he would turn out to be. Show him how beautiful our planet is.

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