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Music as the rhythmical enlightenment of the mind, body and soul has contributed largely and deeply on one hand to moral development and on the other hand to moral decadence of the society.

Sixty percent (60%) of man’s inspiration, relaxation, culture, communication, dressing, emotion, manners and thoughts are derived from voices, melody, lyrics, settings and arts in music of different genres; for example, one cannot possibly listen or see Michael Jackson’s music without having a different feeling, emotion, inspiration and drive that you would want to replay in other to meditate on the lyrics and beat, same goes to Lucky Dube. This is so because music connects to the mind and soul which controls every living being and their activities. When one is down and weary, a particular beat or lyrics of a song can turn the situation into ecstasy; also when another feels up, and fulfilled, a sound of music or lyrics can take him/her back to Memory Lane of poverty and anguish.

Notwithstanding, the sensation which music give, makes one feel like heaven on earth and some agony and hell like breaking city walls; thereby contributing more or less to morality and immorality in a man.

Music And Moral Development:

The Music Industry has been long regarded as one of the institutions that contributes greatly to the development and propagation of good morals and conducts in the society through it’s harmony of good beats, historicals, encouraging and and informing lyrics, kind and melodious vocals, exhibition of culture and tradition through setting, costumes and general aesthetic pictures. Certain genres of music propagates good morals, such includes Pop, Soul,Reggae, Afro-Beat, and Gospel.

Pop and Soul: The lyrics of Pop and Soul music greatly tells about life, nature, mankind, emotions, and metaphysics, which pierce through the Central Nervous System and makes one reason critically through existentialism, mirroring through good and bad, right and wrong, affection and purpose. The musical instruments sounds beyond melodies down to the narrow paths of coldness and warmness of nature, that one clings to when sad or depressed, in pain or heartbroken, It’s emotional rhythm awakens one’s feeling and affection towards another, making one try to right all wrongs in a twinkle of an eye. The music videos have the settings of nature, aquatics and humans all in freedom, harmony, love and togetherness.

Reggae: The lyrics of reggae mostly talks about histories, wars, misfortunes, struggles and happy living. It’s hump and jump dance step makes one feel among and at ease. Bob Marley and Lucky Dube the kings of Reggae used it to educate, inform and entertain the world positively; indeed the universe can testify of the moral values embodied in their songs.

Afro-Beat: Afro-beat has its basics and Nigerian/Ghanaian origin as music genre with African traditional instruments in West African style with a focus on chanted vocals, complex intersecting rhythms and percussion. The settings of its music video is mostly rural and the costume is quite cultural; hence afro-beat propagates culture ,tradition and moral values. It tells stories of ancient living and the metamorphosis the African nature has undergone.

Gospel : Gospel music illuminates and revives the soul and mind of a man into having a deep thought and connection with his supernatural belief. It propagates the good wonders of God through it’s lyrics, persuading man to turn from bad to good, evil to holy, to love and to forgive, and to repent from sin. Through gospel musics, one feels at ease with worries of life and hope is lifted for a better tomorrow.

Music And Moral Decadence:

Ninety percent (90%) of man’s immorality is derived from the media, of which music contributes forty percent (40%) while the rest comes from movies. Music makes the world go round, but actually what goes right round is the mind.

Today, the lyrics, settings, costumes, make-ups, performances, fake and luxurious lifestyles exhibited on musics have corrupted many souls and contributes immensely to moral decadence. The lyrics of some musics are highly immoral, and insane. The lyrics pass wrong messages which the artist might not necessarily be thoughtful of. The use of abusive words and terms like fuck, shit, asshole, damn, bitch, have turned the reasoning of the society from right to left, especially the youth; it’s mannerisms appeals to harsh feelings, pressure and voilence. Some music videos needs to be banned for nudity, costumes, and ill performances; almost in every Hip Hop, Rap and RnB music clips have ladies go nude, exposing breast and buttocks, their tiny clothing equals to nakedness, of which the young ones quickly emulate and exhibits.

Most Africans have turned American overnight in dressing, mannerism, intonation and general way of living. An African kid no more feel remorse for disrespecting the parents or elderly ones, hence it is a normal and common way of life in the foreign musics they see. Such musics drains the moral values of man, especially the youth.

The fake and luxurious lifestyles exhibited in some music videos makes people feel that life is supposed to be greenish always with golden spoon on every lip; thereby causing man to trade in the extra miles of ills and illegals, just to achieve a luxurious living. Today, many sold their souls to devil all in the name of being famous, the Music Industry is regarded as the hub of Illuminati.

The Ghetto lifestyle in many Hip Hop musics has caused many to believe that life is best in the streets. Also, the manner in which the message of love and emotion exists in RnB music has led so many young people into committing suicide and accidentally killing their loves ones all in the name of love.

Music has it’s values on two sides, Morality And Immorality.

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