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A Bet9ja customer is always and forever mired with the blunt mentality that one more shot, just one more and the bird is down. Just because David killed giant Goliath with a tiny piece of stone; a bet9ja customer believes that a drop of water will make an ocean, even if it doesn’t at the first fifty drops, there is a burning hope that there must be an ocean made

Chasing the sum of Ten Million Naira (#10,000,000,00) with just One Hundred Nairabet (#100) with more than fifteen Football Clubs on a white long portrait paper (Bet slip) that could be of same measure with broom stick is so magical, it’s chances miraculous; meanwhile didn’t the Jews build the Tower of Babel 🗼 to the sky no matter how many days?. But funny and pathetic enough the golden odds, over 2.5, goal goal, goalless draw, and visual will always be cut off by one unfortunate football match, just not more that one game..

Reports prove that countless Nigerian fathers have lost their assets in a bid to stake game on bet9ja. It may interest you to know that gone are the days when men squandered their hard earned millions on drinks and women, nowadays thousands of futures, dreams and aspirations are being squandered under 30minutes bet9ja virtual.  Having each minute at #100,000,00 stake with the burning desire and hope of transpiring into billions in less than an hour.

The daily attendance of the customers are so regular, punctual, dedicated, thoughtful and more attentive than in high school classes where one would believe in the fervent struggle of the new Nigerian youth empowerment ‘Bet9ja’. Having a printed white paper on the left, a pen on the right, eyes focused on the LCD screen, the brain becomes statistician placing different figures at strategic odds and mind always on the chase of figurative figures seen and heard of, but can’t be cashed.

A facebook user lamented “

The fervent struggle have been quite extended to the young ladies and mothers as betting agencies record astronomical rise in female gamblers who not only love sporting activities, but also embrace the tiny chances of been rich by Sports Betting. Blame not the ever zealous Igbo Nigerian men, young boys and girls who spare no chance in any given opportunity to explore, rather blame the selfish government that could not afford job or youth empowerment opportunities for it’s countrymen and future leaders.

Not quite lucrative, but cheap, easy, favourable, and safe, that is the orientation of the game. It doesn’t matter how many bullets are been shot, hence the chances are unlimited, staking continues and bet owner keeps draining hundreds of thousands from the pocket of countless customers on daily attendance. In a month, not more than ten customers may win with #5,000 below each; those are the none greedy fellows who might have staked little odds or paused their stakes halfway, being fully aware that the bigger it gets, the lesser chances of winning. The losers are always comforted with the phrase “It is a win or loss, no one dies”, and hope is kept alive by evidence of other’s little winnings. Large amount of money is won once in a couple of months by unexpected Lucky Stars.

Just like glue, the relationship between 90% Nigerian youths and Bet Slip Can Only Be Extricated With The Help Of Employment.. 

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