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Sometimes, The Car Keeps The Relationship Strong And Going.

Women will always be women, attracted by fancy and fairy and distracted by materialism and exotics. Upon hearing that a man has a job, owns a house, appears neat, responsible and gentle, just the single perception of him owning a car can award him the title “Mr Right”.

Not only in Africa does owning mobolity, especially of four wheels upgrades a man in social strata or prominence, but world over. The gender inequality in the perception of owning a car is that the men acquires a car(s), based on income, family need, job description or business purposes; but on the other hand, women see men with car as fulfilled and of higher social class, not determining what nature of job they do or how responsible/irresponsible they may be.

The feeling and idea of sitting on the front seat of a car is already a socio-cultural phenomenon in which women see owning a car as one of the criteria or qualities a man should portray before he could get a woman to settle down with. Have you wondered why 80% of women world over have their hobbies as travelling? They just want to sit in front, feel the cruise, view the environment from the side screen and wave hands swiftly as special entities. Most times they wants to drive by themselves just to show off some standards.

In African homes, when one visits lady with a car of some average quality, it is assumed that he is rich and already made. Pick her up on a date in the midst of her friends and drop her off in the midst of her family members; even at late hours, for real you are the long anticipated in-law.

The social media records high rate of women taking pictures standby cars in parks, hotels, churches, colleges, etc, more than the owners of the cars.
Once you flash the break light, you are good to go with; not until the car offs in the middle of nowhere, refuses to respond to ignition after party, or breaks down beyond repair. Only then you know that the measure of value ascribed unto the relationship is all acquired from the car. In other words, the relationship is not just perfect without the flashy moving wheels.

65% of the demise of young university ladies is as a result of the enticement with cars by ritualists, kidnappers and politicians who stops by and doing no much talks. Only the colour and quality of the car and honourable sound system echoing musics from the car does the job. They hop in so quick and demise in a twinkle.

Just a few women gives premium to the utility of a car than the ownership of a car.

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