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Get A Business Not A Job.

It is a natural phenomenon for human beings to desire for work, in other to have an identity, personality, career, profession and most importantly earn a living. As life goes on, individuals live at their own expense. Paying bills, spending on food, clothing, traveling, schooling, and helping others if possible. These necessities of life begot the need for man to have a meaningful source of earning a living; hence, some strive for job no matter how big or small, others try becoming self employed, entrepreneurs, go into trade or have establishments, firms and companies for the purpose of business.

Put simply, Job is a piece of work required to be done as a duty for a specific fee. The ideology of job constitutes the attributes of bureaucracy to be wholly implemented and strictly performed, whether the job is private or governmental. The nature of your job determines who you are, what you become and your standard of living. It can be mentally retarded to know that Job gives you the platform to become a subject to the rules and regulations guiding an organization all the better days of your life in exchange of your talent, knowledge, dreams and aspirations for a specific monthly fee; at which you live to retire when it is certified that you have given all that you’ve got possibly the very best into that company owned by another man. What happens when you retire? Another mentally blind graduate with same qualifications as you, carrying similar briefcase as you did, takes over your position and willing to exchange his dreams for same specific amount of money called salary; for the growth, development and actualization of another man’s dreams and visions.

Once you get a job, you are being owned by the company or organization you work for. Everything you acquire comes from the job. The company offers you a car, a house, soft allowances, ticket for vacations, just at the expense of your own dreams and aspirations and under certain rules and regulations to be strictly followed; and all you acquired will be withdrawn once you eventually got sacked.

Getting a job means becoming an employee. You no longer have the right to set your own rules rather you follow the company’s set rules. You can no longer spend outside the clearly defined amount of money assigned by the C.E.Oof the company or government’s approved allowance and you must act in a specific way in accordance with your job. It’s pathetic to say that being employed is being enslaved for the best days of your life and when you retire, you’re only left with no option than take what life offers; you gather your remaining pieces of life, hence you can no more go for your dreams and visions.

Typical Norms of White Collar Job includes:
Dress Code: You would have to dress according to the company’s specified fashion. Imagine the Military wearing just a particular kind of dress all the days of your job. The bankers being o corporate attire all day long.
8:am Duty Call: Latest time for every job is 8:00am. Keep late once or twice and risk query.
Mannerism: You must have and exhibit certain manners while at work in other to suit your job.
Hierarchy: Except the C.E.O or D.G of an organization, every other staff is under the authority and answerable to his/her superior.
Documentation: Every single act of work or transaction must be documented for the purpose of record and reference.

On the other hand, Business is a lifetime insurance and also a platform that allows you exercise your skills, talents, dreams and actualize your visions in a Broadway. Business does not limit you to a particular career or profession, rather it beggets other businesses, expand your knowledge, makes you the architect of your own life and an employer of talents.

The simple key to owning a business or chains of business is entrepreneurship. Because of the ideograph of white collar job, 40% of young people have resolved to education and follow up one line of business or the other, even on apprenticeship. The act of no retirement make business and entrepreneurship mouthwatering. Unlike a job where you work for a specified duration or even get fired at any point in time, leaving you to wonder hopelessly on the streets in search for another job.

In business, your establishments or investments can be transferred to your family, even down to your generation to come in return of glory and prestige. Businesses comprises of firms, organizations, industries, factories, and other entrepreneurship. One must not be a graduate before he/she can own a business, rather the services of learned personnels can be used to grow the business or company. Other business inclined individuals can buy shares in your company and become shareholders, but in job situation, you work according to specified functions alone.

Having your own business means becoming an employer of dreams and talents for the actualization of your own visions.

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